Orange is the new Black

2015 1022 HKWJ Ad Glasses (135x58mm)

Don’t you agree that autumn in the Netherlands has been lovely so far? The colours of the trees were amazing. The Vondelpark in Amsterdam looked like it was on fire constantly. Walks in the park inspired the new series of ads for HKWJ/Triple Eight. Orange is the new black:)!

Thoughts you forgot to have during the day


Anyone having a love/hate relationship with their bed? I do, every night I have trouble sleeping and that drives me crazy sometimes. But those hours of thinking, while waiting for dreams to come, also resulted in some awesome ideas in the past. A quote that totally made sense to me: “Insomnia is a glamorous term for thoughts you forgot to have during the day” (Alain de Botton). It works both in a positive and negative way for me I would say. Any fellow night-peeps who want to share some insights on Insomnia and inspiration?

The photo-illustration is made by art-director Javier Perez. He’s posting photo’s of every day objects mixed with simple line-drawings on his Instagram page. I Really like how these grapes turned into dreamy balloons;-). (via)

Orderly in life = original in work


“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work” (Gustave Flaubert) More and more I experience the truth in these words. The beautiful watercolor-painting I found here reminds me of my former neighbor… 73 year old artist Maria Beatriz, who is still working steady every single day (and never stopped wearing shocking pink and red by the way;-)). A great example of living out creative discipline.