Lettuce Umbrella


I guess this idea is as old as the world (taking shelter from the rain by using leafs, is so last century:)). But the Tokyo based designers from Noble made this ‘vegetabrella’ look very cool and fresh.

And this ‘salad of umbrellas’ advocates a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Not only does it make us yearn for mouthwatering food (the right word in this context:)) but it encourages us to go out more… even when it rains.


Rain is a Magical Place


“Rain is a magical place,” Saschke Unseld, the writer and director of Pixar Animation Studio’s latest short, The Blue Umbrella, wanted to make this years film a love declaration to the rain. The seven-minute movie is about a blue umbrella that falls in love with a red one. In trying to follow her, he gets weather-beaten and wind-blown during a rainstorm. check this little clip.

Rain in the city can indeed be ‘a magical place’. Right in time for yet another typhoon we arrived in Hong Kong again last night (from Taipei, more about that trip later;-)). Today everyone was urged to stay inside because we’re expecting a signal T8-warning any time now. It’s strange having to cancel all your plans because of a storm but also an extra opportunity to feel grateful for an awesome, warm and cosy house, a place where we can dwell and watch the rain go by;-)…

While doing so listen to the amazing soundtrack of The Blue Umbrella (with rain-sounds!!). Does anybody happen know who did the design of the lovely film-poster?