DIY Knitted Coffee Sleeve

knitted coffee sleeve2

I love Autumn, and I love my take-away coffee in Autumn even better! Finally I don’t have to order it iced anymore;-). This knitted coffee sleeve adds just that extra cozy touch to a nice cuppa, don’t you think? I found this one on whirly bird’s blog and I think it’s the perfect refilling, chilly evening project for a not-so-talented knitter like myself;-).

Refill Recipe #5: Banana/Pear/Cinnamon Milkshake

2013 0310 refill recipe5

Today I spent three endless hours at the Immigration Department of Hong Kong to get an extension of my visa. You know that atmosphere when there are too many stressed people in an ugly ‘we don’t care’ space? Well that’s what happened to me this morning;-). I tried to make some conversation with people, but you had to stay focussed all the time. They could shout your name and than you had to jump up to go to a counter for more questions or forms;-). Boy, was I happy to go home and make this fresh banana/pear/cinnamon milkshake! Feel free to try it too, in stressful times;-).

Printable Wrapping Paper

printable wrapping paper

Recently I heard a great quote at a video talk of Tina Roth (, inspriring blog!) that made me think: ‘The best way to complain is to make something’.

Just a day before that, I was actually complaining about a thing as trivial as wrapping paper. I’ve not yet found a place in Hong Kong where you can buy nice patterned, cheap wrapping material. But this quote made me do something about it;-). I made this printable wrapping paper in 15 minutes and the perky teapots made me happy at the same time! An attitude changed for the better.

If you like perky teapots;-), you can download the wrapping paper here for free. A little gift for the holidays from my studio (only for personal, non-commercial use).

Edible Cookie Cup

Normally I’d love a coffee refill when anybody asks. In this case I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist eating the cup after drinking the coffee. Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi designed this edible cookie cup for Italian coffee brand Lavazza. The cup has sugar icing on the inside to make it coffee-proof.

I really like how this concept turned out and hope they’ll try different colored icing in the next product-update. Or what about icing that has a mint taste for fresh breath after your caffeine fix? I would love to have such a coffee with anyone. Interested? Let me know;-).

Summer Refill Recipe #1

In some parts of the world, temperatures are pretty extreme this summer. And in Hong Kong too, it sure is hot outside. To survive, I simply need some time with my blender and a couple of yummy ingredients on a daily basis;-). Today I was thinking: why not share the best recipes with you, to help you beat the summer heat as well! I’m planning to post a cool, reviving, funky and yes… refill-ling drink every week during the summer holidays. Let me know what you think or share your own favorite recipe with me.