Graphic Exploration of Time in an Overscheduled world


“Time defines our relationships, our memories, our dreams and hopes,” according to graphic designer Vahran Muratyan. He writes about it in the introduction of the lovely book ‘About Time’. I got it from my friend Annemijn (“it was about time you guys came back to Amsterdam”, she said;))

The book is a graphic novel that express the universally felt notions of how time both flies by and crawls along, measured in moments and everyday events, in sweeping timelines and mind maps that aim to capture a lifetime of human experiences. This book is stylish, thought-provoking and beautifully produced, warmly recommended!

“Take it, make it, lose it, have it, kill it, spend it, save it, forget it, break it, set it, repeat it, keep it… because only with time can possibility become reality.” Have a wonderful time, reading this book:)!


My New Favorite Places #1


What makes you feel at home in a city? At the moment I’m in a period of transition myself and this questions keeps popping up in my personal reflections. For me it’s not specifically my house but definitely my neighbours, and I need to have enough inspiring ‘third places’ around. Places that are not home or work where you feel like you’re part of a bigger community.

One of those places that we discovered last week in Amsterdam Oud-West is called “De Hallen” (The Halls). It’s a really cool mix of a food-court, cinema, library, coffee-shop and some artsy workshops combined in an former tram depot: “Tram depot the Halls is a national monument and has historically been a closed enclave in the late nineteenth-century expansion of Amsterdam. The Halls is a traditional, functionalistic complex build for the maintenance of the first electric trams around 1900.”

The building was in a deplorable state when we left Amsterdam 3.5 years ago. But now it’s a super lively place. I really like how they transformed this heritage building in public space that works. Especially the Food-concept: we’ve been back twice already! De Foodhallen is inspired by ‘indoor food markets’ from different metropolitan cities (like Hong Kong:)). You can enjoy a large variety of delicious bites and drinks from different stalls in an industrial-like setting.