Architecture: Inflatable Pavilion


That creating a space doesn’t have to be a super expensive, long term process, is proven by Berlin based architects Raumlabor. They already have been doing interesting architectural work by temporarily transforming locations (a gallery into a laboratory, a cold corridor into a place with new social qualities) but this space buster project is my favorite.

The pavilion is an inflatable bubble-like dome that emerges from its self-contained compressor housing. The dome expands and organically adjusts to its surroundings. It can be a field, a park with trees, or an urban square. The material is a specially-designed translucent plastic, allowing all kinds of events taking place inside of the shelter (dance parties, lecture series, or dinner buffets).

The event is entirely visible from the outside and likewise the exterior environments become the events’ backdrops. Great for marketing purposes and it raises interesting questions about experience of space. Is the event being held indoors or outdoors;-)? (Photos taken by Alan Tansey).


Inspiring Spaces Help us Move Forward

green composition

This week I’m working on an article about poor housing situations in Hong Kong. Especially regarding space. Of course we all know that housing fulfills physical needs by providing security and shelter from weather and climate. But the fact that living in a cramped environment with no privacy, has such an enormous impact on our psychological well-being too, is something I didn’t realize.

Buildings affect our psyche as well as our bodies. They can be inspiring and supportive of daily activities, or they can depress our spirits and undermine the best intentions we have in terms of work, side-projects and new initiatives. Inspiring spaces help us move forward and reach our goals in life. This picture I took this morning during my coffee-break… I liked all the greens together. I hope it’ll inspire me enough, to finnish that article today;-)