Tote Bag with Hidden Puppet


It’s true… tote bags have been a medium of communication for quite some time now. Last summer I spotted at least 20 different tote bags with prints and words on it, as part of street wear in Berlin.

This design adds a fresh feature to the whole concept of the tote-bag as communication tool. Japanese studio Nendo came up with the idea, for ROOTOTE. Many of the ROOTOTE bags have surface designs done by artist and designers. Nendo had something else in mind. They decided to shape the distinctive signature side-pocket of a ROOTOTE bag, instead of doing a surface design. They made it into a hidden puppet. The pocket comes in four different shapes: a kangaroo, bear, human being and dinosaur. They can bring non-verbal communication with tote bags to a whole different level;-). It should be fun to see them ‘work’ in real life… much more fun than a text or a print could ever be;-).


Strong Concept

When I was looking for an online service to send a unique gift to a friend, I came across (not my choice). And I just couldn’t help smiling… it’s such a strong concept. Basically you can buy something without having to choose a type, title or color. You can choose ‘a cd’, ‘a gift’ or ‘a t-shirt’ not knowing which particular music, surprise or print they’ll choose to send. That way you can always tell the birthdayboy/girl ‘Sorry… not my choice’ without feeling bad about it;-). The comments of previous clients are hilarious… products like a burka, a reggae cookbook or a language course Papiamentu have been sent to them.

You can also order ‘something’ and apparently that something sure is fancy because it’ll cost you 95 euro;-). Check it out and surprise yourself and others!