Summer Refill #4

Last weekend we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Hong Kong. We had a nice forrest hike with some friends. Although it’s still pretty warm outside I noticed a fresh wind that seemed to come out of nowhere. Together with the late-summer sun it’s excellent weather to go into nature and enjoy the colors en scents of the season. Autumn sneaks up on you, especially in Hong Kong! This smoothie doesn’t only taste good, it also has the rich, deep color-pallette of my favorite season to come. Enjoy!

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Summer Refill #3

You should definitely try this smoothie, it’s one of the best summer refills so far;-)! This smoothie is as fresh as a mojito cocktail, but without the alcohol. I made one of these last weekend, when we came back from a camping trip on Lantau island. Totally hot, sweaty, dirty with sand all over the place. You know that feeling, when you’re a little overdosed on the good stuff: bbq, chips, conversations, drinks? After a nice shower, clean sheets and a mojito smoothie, you’re back on track again.

Summer Refill #2

Last week I turned 30. Can you believe it? Such a strange feeling to leave my twenties behind! But I had a wonderful birthday party and so many family and friends around, to wish me all the best for the next decade.

My birthday inspired me to share with you a refill-ling recipe that slows down the aging process;-). Summer Refill #2 contains lots of red fruits an berries to keep your brain and body in good condition. Berries are loaded with antioxidants, so toss a lot of them in your smoothie. It’ll protect you from serious conditions but will also help to make your skin look better. And, not unimportant, this fresh drink is perfect for hot and steamy August!