Grass Flip Flops

Walk on Grass - all the time!

Summer in the city is not always ideal. The heat, the smells, the smog… but this footwear can make you forget, you’re stuck in urban surroundings. It features fake turf stitched into flip flop soles, so owners get the same sensation as strolling barefoot on a freshly mowed lawn! Nice!!

I’m not at all surprised that KUSA (the brand behind these grassy flip flops) is Australian. Because one of the funny things I recall from my trip to Perth, is that people sometimes just walked barefoot in supermarkets or shopping mall;-) Loved this down-to-earth-ness!

And… so you know: customers have been advised not to mow the grass inside to avoid damaging the product;-).


Summer Refill Recipe #1

In some parts of the world, temperatures are pretty extreme this summer. And in Hong Kong too, it sure is hot outside. To survive, I simply need some time with my blender and a couple of yummy ingredients on a daily basis;-). Today I was thinking: why not share the best recipes with you, to help you beat the summer heat as well! I’m planning to post a cool, reviving, funky and yes… refill-ling drink every week during the summer holidays. Let me know what you think or share your own favorite recipe with me.