Temporary Spaces, Life on the Move

the-new-nomads We wrote about this trend two years ago; the nomads are back! And if (after the holidays) you feel the itch to try a nomadic lifestyle, this is the perfect read for you. The New Nomads: Temporary Spaces and a Life On The Move, written by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann and Michelle Galindo, is a book about mobility, flexible spaces and innovative architecture.

It’s a guideline on how to live a mobile, hi-tech life in which one moment you can work in an office in Berlin, then move with a camper through Russia for a workation during summertime and then show up at a hot-desk in Los Angeles for your next project. “Aside from a functioning wireless connection and good coffee, we developers, designers, musicians, journalists, and other creative entrepreneurs need, above all, inspiration, new ideas, contacts, and international exchange.”

The New Nomads is a useful guide for those that want to literally live and think outside the box. New Nomads do not live in one part of the world; for them, the entire globe feels like home.


Travel as Therapy


This is one of the lovely hostels we were staying in during our travels in Thailand (loog choob). The beautiful, modernistic, open architecture was a breath of fresh air and helped me organise my thoughts after weeks of hectic, confusing life in Hong Kong. Holidays aren’t only for fun as far as I’m concerned. Travel can also play a critical role in helping us to grow in our personalities. I read an extremely interesting article written by The School of Life about that notion and I’d love to share bits and pieces of it with you while I’m having some travel experiences in Thailand over Christmas myself.

Travel can function as a form of therapy in our lives. When it corrects the imbalances and immaturities of our natures it can complement to the ‘inner journey’ that we’re on. After all we’re trying to develop our character in a certain way: “We might be searching for how to be calmer or how to find a way to rethink our goals, we might long for a greater sense of confidence or an escape from debilitating feelings of envy.” Travel experiences can help us with that, the outer journey can assist us with the inner one.

But in order to work a therapeutic effect, we need to change how we go about choosing our destinations. Instead of choosing a ‘beach holiday’ or ‘outdoor fun’, we should look how a destination can nurture our soul. “There are places that could help with shyness and others with anxiety. Some places might be good at reducing egoism and others might be good for helping us think more clearly about the future”.

The School of Life is currently writing a Psychological Atlas of the world. A great project if you you ask me. Read more about it here. Travel in the outer world can push us to where we need to go within. Happy Christmas travels, hopefully it gives you some opportunity to think which direction you want to go in 2015 (figuratively speaking:)). 

Do what you love, love what you do


I’m back from a fantastic trip to Europe. Fully inspired by ice-creams/coffees in Italy, conversations and furniture design in Berlin and cycling, gardening and lovely friends in Amsterdam! I alway miss my family and friends a bit after seeing them so often and intense during the holidays, but I’m so ready to poor all that freshly gained travel-inspiration in new projects, articles and posts. It’s good to be back;-)!

Photography: Flying Houses


Have you ever imagined, living in a flying house? As a big fan of movies like ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Up!’, I’ve always been fascinated by homes that are vehicles themselves, instead of fixed places where you’re traveling to or from. The idea of this series ‘Flying Houses’, made by French photographer Laurent Chehere is totally in line with that;-).

Known for his work for high profile clients as Nike and Audi, Chehere started a new life as world traveler, gathering inspiration from the beauty of Hong Kong (!), China, Japan, Bolivia and Argentina. I think this also resonates in the ‘Flying Houses’ series. Home doesn’t have to be fixed in a certain place, city or country, right?! (via)

Creative Travels


Ohh how I love new places and great paper products. This Journey Journal presents the best of both worlds. Especially the front of the Journal is totally awesome. It features a map of Asia in which you can place the round fasteners (6) that come with your journal, on your destinations! But it doesn’t end there my friends…string is also included so you can make a line map of your travel plans. How cool is that! Designed and made with love and an adventurous mind by Cracked Design. Check out their Etsy shop before you plan your next trip.

Luggage Tag Words


Couldn’t help but post this great ad campaign today, for I’m heading to the airport myself tonight;-). I just love these Expedia luggage tag ads, done by Ogilvy & Mathers. Very clever!

The creative idea is the brainchild of Jon Morgan and Mike Watson. The two were walking though Heathrow Airport in London when they saw a woman with the word FUK on her luggage. When they realized she had just flown in from Fukuoka, Japan, they started wondering about other IATA tags that formed words. Artwork that’s inspired by a real muse, where do you find that nowadays;-).

Check out more Expedia ads from this series here. I’m off to Australia;-)!