Magazine Ad Offers Free Wifi to Readers


As a nomad-worker I love free wifi places. So obviously I noticed how offering free wifi is by now an established way to promote products (check this lovely Amtrak wifi-on-board campaign). But this months Forbes magazine really left me flabbergasted. It contained an ad (for Microsoft Office 365) in a select number of issues, that changed the whole magazine in a Wifi hotspot for 15 days!

I recently learned about these Wifi movie posters in Seoul (S.Korea), but this ad in Forbes is even more spectacular I would say. The campaign also turned the magazine into something innovative. The 15 days’ free wifi provides an incentive for readers to carry the magazine around with them, giving them time to actually engage with the content and articles.

And of course it works the other way around too. If you unexpectedly find yourself disconnected and there’s a newsstand nearby, it might be worth skimming through Forbes;-).


Trend: the Rise of the Minipreneur


Friends, the last couple of weeks I’m reading so many interesting stories about minipreneurs, it really inspired me. The idea of having a side-business or multiple businesses, feels like a real positive response-trend to crisis-hit industries.

Think of people who can’t make promotions that easily anymore in there day-to-day jobs. They start a micro-business on the side, as a way to keep learning and keep feeling challenged. Or others who turn a hobby into something they can make a bit of extra cash with. There are even people who change multiple personal projects into a carreer like Tina Roth, a New York based designer who quit designing because her blog (, app (Teux Deux), breakfast lectures (Creative Mornings) and temporary tattoo shop (Tattly) were doing so well. Love it!

freelancers, weekend entrepreneurs, web-driven entrepreneurs, free agents, cottage businesses, seniorpreneurs, co-creators, mompreneurs, pro-ams, solopreneurs, eBay traders, advertising-sponsored bloggers… you’re really on to something. I will watch you closely;-) I think this trend will result in a huge amount of new (and often surprising) content, ideas and products.

photo: minipreneur Yastik Izi from Turkey has a very nice etsy-shop with ‘handmade dreams’;-)


New Trend: Rise of the Backyard Office

backyard office

I read an interesting article on about a new trend that is kind of connected to a trend I described here, about mobile caravan stores: the rise of the backyard office. A backyard office has the best of both worlds, you’re getting away from your house every morning without actually getting away;-). No traffic, no commuting costs or space rentals: a perfect solutions for any start-up or crisis-hit company. But also when you need to facilitate employees, a backyard office is surprisingly a serious option. Check out this backyard office in Madrid, done by Selgas Cano Architects.

For Studio Refill I would prefer the little log-cabin Piet Hein Eek designed for Dutch Entertainer Hans Liberg. It’s his backyard recording studio in the middle of the woods. Now I know why Hans Liberg is so creative;-)

Infographic Colour-Blocking Queen


I stumbled upon this great infographic done by Vogue. The magazine documented every outfit queen Elizabeth wore for one year. So interesting, she totally seems to embrace colour-blocking;-). Sixty years on the throne and still so up-to-date on fashion trends;-). Only 3% of her outfits were grey or black, and she’s 87, can you imagine?

Nine out of ten Hongkies seem to think they can only wear black and beige after turning 25. Why so boring? Embrace shocking pink and buttercup yellow and brighten up someone else’s day! Like Rainbow Queen Elizabeth does all year round;-)!

Mobile Caravan Stores: New Trend?

mobile workplace

Lately I’m reading more and more exciting stories about creative people who take their businesses on the road. Not by arranging expensive tours or projects abroad, but just by pimping a cheap old caravan and transform it into a vintage shop, art gallery or workspace.

Is it too early to call it a new trend? The financial crisis also hit hard in the creative industry. A caravan seems to be the perfect solution when you can’t afford to rent a workshop anymore.  I somehow think it’s also connected to the webshop-fenomenon. Webshops and caravan shops both are low-key, very flexible an usually managed by one person. The big difference: it’s a very Real Life Experience to travel, meet people and sell stuff at the same time. It shows how work and traveling combined can be a unique, creative lifestyle that is free and simple. Downsizing doesn’t have to be a negative thing. A true inspiration for the year to come!