Exhibition Heritage Conservation



Loved to work with the Urban Discovery team on this Exhibition at the RICS Heritage Conservation Conference. Heritage conservation in Hong Kong is a challenge which generates strong views in the community and presents a range of interesting issues. I made the design (in close cooperation with Lisette van Rijn and Grace Lee) of these exhibition-panels. Each one evaluates the re-use of a particular heritage buildings in Hong Kong.

Some Revitalisation concept are super cool. My personal favourite: a resettlement housing estate that turned into a hostel (Mei Ho House). After the conference, the exhibition will be relocated to Blue House in Wan Chai so you can check out all the fascinating stories and struggles that are connected to Hong Kong’s most fascinating urban renewal projects.


Work in Progress; Mindmap

mindmap voor2

I worked on this map in the passed week, about complexity in divorce cases and how that influences the well-being of kids. Heavy topic because complex it is… no doubt about that! I was thinking this afternoon; if it’s already hard to put down on paper by professionals it must be ten times harder for a kid to make sense of what’s happening in a real life family crisis situation! Time for weekend…

Mapping My City

map making1

Work in progress… I’m mapping my city for a client. While working I listened to several TED talks about the cities we live in. This one is my favorite, a great lecture by James Howard Kunstler about how public spaces in cities should be inspired centers of civic life and the physical manifestation of the common good.

It was a joy to work today… I love my home-city Hong Kong:).

Targeting Breast cancer with Design

2013 1021 bookcover

It was such an honor to make this cover for researcher Janneke Jaspers. She spent 6 years in the lab of NKI (Netherlands Cancer Institute) to find out more on anti-drug resistance in mouse models of breast-cancer. The illustration on the cover is a dart/target board and a maze at the same time.

According to Janneke it was sometimes a real struggle and (re)search for useful data/output, I tried to visualize that in the cover. With the pinkish skin-tissue of the background the illustration also resembles a woman’s breast (in an abstract way of course).

I wish Janneke a lot of inspiration and perseverance in her future career in researching breast-cancer. A lot of woman are extremely thankful for what you’re doing… I’m one of them;-)!

Veggie Visuals


I got a very sweet tweet today about a couple of visuals I made for MMV (they focus on healthy food habits to conquer or avoid cancer). Their copywriter (Zinenzo) liked how it turned out in their presentation and it’s so nice when clients actually let you know that;-).

I tried to make veggies look strong like trees where you can hide in and get shelter from. And of course the color makes them look fresh and yummy at the same time;-)

Book Design


Mail from Shanghai! Finally the book that I’ve been working on last Autumn has been printed.

I was responsible for the design work. It’s a book about the Dutch Expo Pavillion ‘Happy Street’ that was a big hit on the expo in 2010 (Shanghai). The red/white string is the common theme of the book (the storyLINE so to say;-)). You’ll find it on every page. Sometimes playful in a shape like on the cover, sometimes it’s a timeline or a page-divider. My client DVP Shanghai did a very good job in the printing process!

Work in Progress: Book Design

Healthy Booklet Shanghai

Working on the lay-out of a booklet about ‘how to live healthy in a polluted city like Shanghai’. This is my first design-proposal for the cover. I wanted to visualize the idea of a guide in the whole book. The skyline cut-outs in different fruits and communicate how the city can ‘eat away’ the much needed healthy ‘ingredients’ of our life. Like it so far;-)?

Work in Progress


Working on some new proverb-cards for in the Papercup webshop. A nice job for a quite sunday morning with a coffee and my favorite music in the background. Do you like this one so far;-)? Take a peek in my shop for more cards and posters with inspiring texts. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!