Mobile Bookshop with Special Story

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“Because we believe there’s no better way to remember a journey than by a book. And that nothing makes one travel more than reading.”… That’s the reason why ‘Tell a Story’ came to live, a mobile bookshop that sells translated Portugese literature to non-Portugese speakers. The main objective: to promote Portugal as a country of stories and great storytellers! I’m in love with this project!!

During summer, the mobile bookshop travels to some of Portugal’s popular tourist spots to sell Portuguese literature by authors like Saramago, de Queiroz, and Pessoa. I really like how they executed the branding with all these lovely stationary-items, also for sale in the bookshop.

Another cool thing: the team created a typeface, called ‘Writers’ Font’, based on the handwriting of the featured Portuguese authors to “inspire you to write like them”. What a great idea in this age of computers and smart phones!


Travel trend: Workation


In 2014 more vacationers pack their jobs in their suitcases. Entrepreneurs and freelancers have been taking so-called “workations” for some time, but now even more nine-to-fivers are using the increased flexibility that technology offers, to travel while continuing to work at their full-time jobs from the road.

“A warm breeze flutters the gauzy fabric of my sundress as we open our laptops to start the workday. It’s 1:00 p.m. in Santa Cruz, Chile, 9:00 a.m. on the West Coast in the U.S. — and day 17 of our workation.”

Some people turn workations into a lifestyle like Vanessa Edwards, a writer and an entrepreneur. Vanessa describes herself as an urban nomad. “Urban Nomads are a new generation of worker travelers that transplant themselves to different cities across the globe to both build and find career and adventure opportunities. They want to escape the 9-5, make passive income and work at what they love from any location in the world.”

I also sense that the workation-vibe thrives in a different context. Some people create a particular project around a travel-experience they want to have. I stumbled upon an amazing adventure recently: the Locavaux bus project. Three music-lovers converted a  School Bus to a traveling house/studio.They used the bus in the summer of 2013, to make a film about local music throughout the United States and “explore the unique relationship between local musicians and the communities in which they perform.” They even made a portable stage on the roof of the bus to be able to invite bands to perform in a great spontaneous outdoor setting.

Extend your travels: It’s not always a good thing that work intervenes with our vacations. How healthy it is to switch off work totally sometimes! But the workation as a way of being able to extend your travels (because you make money to cover expenses along the way) is perfect. It enables you to deepen your travel-experience and it helps you, getting to know a city/country much better than when you’re only running from one touristic highlight to another for a short period of time. Apart from that… when you’re picking up a local research project as well, you will gain even more inspiration/insights from your trip.

Trend: Workation


Yesss I’m on a workation the coming three weeks in Amsterdam, Italy and Berlin. Very much looking forward to be inspired again by my loved ones and all those beautiful European cities. I need to work a bit too but since I read this article about a couple who have taken their virtual office to 24 locations, turning the process of traveling while working into a science, I’m actually looking forward to that part of the trip as well. Bon Voyage friends;-)