Studio Refill Ltd designs and produces meaningful cards and posters, under the label ‘PAPERCUP by Studio Refill’. The illustrations and texts on each card, blend together in an inspiring print worth keeping, framing or sending.

For quite some time, the workspace of Studio Refill was located in Sheung Wan, a neighborhood on Hong Kong Island that has traditionally a lot of print shops around. Unfortunately, for most of these print shops it is hard to survive modern times, and one by one they have to shut down their businesses. By printing the cards in one of the few remaining traditional print-shops in Sheung Wan, we want to support our inspiring neighborhood and it’s rich legacy. Apart from that: the printwork is done on beautiful, thick, matt laminated paper. Fine details and a creative twist both give each product something notable.

Shop around in Papercups webshop: www.papercup.nl. By the way: would you like more information or are you interested in selling Papercup products in your own (web)shop. Feel free to contact us via info@papercup.nl. We will gladly give you some cards in consignment.


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