Food concept: Edible Spoon


Pumpkin soup… finally it’s that time of the year that we can enjoy the sweet, lovely taste of comforting autumn soups again. I really like this season, although in Hong Kong we still don’t have to wear sweaters, you feel a cool breeze when you step outside and the air is crispy fresh when you go for a walk in the morning.

As I was browsing the internet for a nice recipe of pumpkin soup, I stumbled upon this super funny edible spoon. A great alternative for a boring breadstick and it is so easy to make with some puff pastry and grated cheese. Highly original to use for a foodconcept photo-shoot or just a casual dinner. Check out the whole recipe and template of the spoon here at the super inspiring, creative blog mejuffrouw Ekster (miss magpie).


Summer Refill #4

Last weekend we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Hong Kong. We had a nice forrest hike with some friends. Although it’s still pretty warm outside I noticed a fresh wind that seemed to come out of nowhere. Together with the late-summer sun it’s excellent weather to go into nature and enjoy the colors en scents of the season. Autumn sneaks up on you, especially in Hong Kong! This smoothie doesn’t only taste good, it also has the rich, deep color-pallette of my favorite season to come. Enjoy!

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